Sell Bitcoin For Cash in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth with Bitcoin Dealers

Visit us at any of our conveniently located offices, and we will always be pleased to serve you. You do not need to make an appointment, just come along and see us during office hours. We will offer you the very best exchange rates, and our professional staff will be flexible and sympathetic regarding how you want to be paid when selling BTC in Australia. If you want to know how to sell Bitcoin in Australia with ease, visit Bitcoin Dealers today.

You will be impressed by how easy conversion can be when you buy & sell Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies in Australia by dealing face-to-face with an expert team with high standards of customer care like our staff at Bitcoin Dealers. We place our customers first, and we believe that Bitcoin Dealers is the best place to buy & sell Bitcoin in Australia. Our process is guaranteed to be quick, convenient, and secure.

Buy From: 1฿ = $93,541 * When Exchanging $30,000+ Exchange Calculator
Sell From: 1฿ = $85,364 * When Exchanging $30,000+ Sell Exchange Calculator
* Minimum Amount $500 AUD

You are more than welcome to call us to discuss how you want to sell Bitcoin for cash or other forms of cryptocurrency, but we are confident that you will find that visiting us in person, in our secure premises, for a face-to-face meeting will give you much greater confidence in us and our service.

Sell Bitcoin with peace of mind at Bitcoin Dealers, the first and only face-to-face operator in Australia where you can sell Bitcoin for cash. With convenient and secure locations in Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney, we have Australia covered.

Bitcoin Dealers makes it easy and stress-free to buy and sell bitcoin in Australia, and our minimum transaction to sell is only $500 worth, much lower than our competitors!

Lowest Exchange Rate

$93,541 NO FEE
$85,364 NO FEE
89,857 NO FEE
$89,857 NO FEE
89,857 NO FEE
$89,857 NO FEE
$89,857 NO FEE
$89,857 NO FEE
$89,857 +$10 FEE
$89,857 +$10 FEE

Sell Bitcoin For Cash In Australia- Best BTC Exchange Rates Nationwide

When you use the services of Bitcoin Dealers, you can buy and sell Bitcoin in Australia and guarantee you are getting the best possible rates. You can see by the table below the prices we offer, and we ensure that you can sell Bitcoin for AUD and receive the most competitive rates across the country. Other Bitcoin exchanges in Australia are bloated and greedy, and most of their headquarters are in overseas locations. They have a powerful incentive to make as much profit as possible and send them outside Australia. To achieve this, they set rates that are very unfavourable to individual customers. In addition, they charge high transaction and conversion fees. As a local Australian business with no overseas ties, we want to serve our customers looking to sell Bitcoins in Australia the best service without penalizing them with unfair rates. In fact, we are proud to say that you will see the highest cash return in Australia if you sell Bitcoin to Bitcoin Dealers.

Why It Is Safer To Sell BTC To AUD Face To Face Than Selling Bitcoin Online

If you want to sell bitcoin in Australia, look no further! Bitcoin Dealers has the safest and most convenient service to turn your cryptocurrency into cash quickly. Instead of using a Bitcoin trading platform that you are unsure about or do not trust, you can sell your Bitcoin in a face-to-face transaction and ask as many questions as you want until you are ready and comfortable to complete the transaction. You no longer have to meet a stranger in an unsecured location and risk losing all your money. Instead, you can now sell Bitcoins for cash at our secure offices throughout Australia, conveniently located in the heart of the central business districts of Melbourne, Adelaide, and Sydney.

How To sell Bitcoin for cash in Australia With Our Secure, Convenient And Face To Face Service

Have you ever wondered how you can sell Bitcoin for cash without using an online exchange? The quick and easy answer is yes, that is if you visit one of the secure offices of Bitcoin Dealers. All you need to do then is make the Bitcoin transfer to our Bitcoin wallet, and you can have either cash in your account or your hand within minutes. It is that simple!

How To Sell Bitcoins For Cash In Australia Safely?

At Bitcoin Dealers, you can buy and sell Bitcoin in Australia safely when visiting our Melbourne, Adelaide, or Sydney offices. Our Melbourne and Adelaide offices do not require an appointment, and you can walk in between the hours of 9:30 AM and 5:30 PM Monday to Friday. Our Sydney office also does not require you to make an appointment. All our offices are in the central business districts, and we also offer free parking, making visiting us to sell your Bitcoins accessible and safe. We are here to answer any questions you may have and ensure that you are entirely comfortable before completing a transaction. You can sell Bitcoin for AUD and receive the cash in just a few minutes or have a deposit made into your account, making for a safe and convenient transaction. If you want to sell bitcoin for cash in Australia, contact or, better yet, visit Bitcoin Dealers today and cash in your Bitcoins safely and quickly in a comfortable and secure location that respects your privacy and time.